InfoGov World Expo & Conference 2021: FAQs

1. What is InfoGov World and why should I attend?InfoGov World Expo 2021 will be the world’s first trans-Atlantic Information Governance conference presented in a 3D world. The inaugural event will feature 100+ speakers from around the world, 100 sessions, an immersive virtual expo hall, networking events, a career fair, and two days of training for industry-related certifications.

 2. How do I register for the virtual event and how do I attend? Register for the event here:
You will receive a separate link to attend the virtual event via our virtual platform and instructions on how to set up your Avatar.

 3. How do I register for the ICRM and/or ACEDS Training & Certification and how do I attend? Register here. You will receive zoom links for attending the training prior to the training.

 4. What is SCHED and do I need to register for SCHED? We are using SCHED as the official event schedule and directory. If you have used SCHED for a previous event, you may already have a profile started. You will receive a link to the SCHED event after you register. Attendees do not have to register for SCHED to see the schedule but registering and creating a profile will let you create a custom schedule in your own time zone, let others know you are participating (or you can keep private), lets you connect your social media accounts and receive event-related messages. Speakers and exhibitors must register for SCHED. SCHED also has a mobile app.

 5. Where can I find the event schedule? You can view the schedule here:
Note: schedule is being updated daily as we add new speakers, sessions and special events!

 6. What time zone is this virtual event in?
This event will accommodate most all time zones but agenda times are listed in the US. Eastern New York time zone. Log in to SCHED to view schedule in your own time zone.

 7. How do I set up an Avatar? After you receive link and download the virtual platform you can easily set up your avatar. We encourage you to create your persona via an avatar as many attendees find it a fun way to personalize your experience. You can customize most every aspect of your appearance and attire!

 8. What is the Meet the Speaker’s Reception and how do I participate? The Speaker’s Reception is a VIP event to network with the event speakers the day before the conference and expo.

 9. I have another question not answered here. Please reach out to:
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