Vermont Says Blockchain Record-Keeping System Too Costly

The cost of using an implementation of the blockchain for a public records management system would outweigh any potential benefits, a report prepared for Vermont's state legislature concludes. The report, commissioned as part of a broader legislative effort aimed at promoting economic growth, was prepared by Vermont's Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the Department of Financial Regulation.... Continue Reading →


A Review: Hacked Again

Hacked Again by Scott N. Schober My rating: 5 of 5 stars What I like about this book so much is it is easy to read. The author is writing to the small business community and gives them 1) real stories on what a hack looks like and the steps to go through it (also... Continue Reading →

Dropbox Is More Than a DAM

By Ramon Forster | Mar 8, 2018 Ask anyone in the DAM industry if Dropbox is a DAM and the answer will be a firm "no." But does it still hold true that Dropbox & Co are just file sharing tools? Digital asset management (DAM) advocates say file sharing tools (your  Dropboxes, Adobe Clouds, Google Drives OneDrives and... Continue Reading →

Good Data Governance in the Platform Age

By Craig Wentworth | Mar 6, 2018 As more businesses turn to cloud platforms on which to build their content applications, especially as platform ecosystems evolve to encompass the best machine learning and artificial services available, what should they look for to make sure they stay on the right side of their own data governance policies and comply... Continue Reading →

How to Send an Email (in 1984)

BY RUDIE OBIAS MARCH 9, 2016 In 1984, not many people owned a personal computer. But the tech-savvy people who did—and also had a modem—were treated to the speed and convenience of “electronic message writing down the phone line.” British network Thames Television released a clip from its mid-1980s computer show Database, which featured very early... Continue Reading →

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