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Welcome to IG GURU®!

IG GURU® is a news and community site for Information Governance professionals.

Our Story

The founders of the RIM Listserv spent 20 years and countless hours ensuring people in our field had a place to ask questions and learn from each other.  Over time, the Listserv became like a guru we could all rely upon.  We wanted to make sure the Listserv community lived on where professionals, academia, vendors, and associations could collaborate on a new and enhanced site called IG GURU®.  Further, we look forward to providing an archive of the Listserv to preserve the past 20 years of content.  Thank you to the founders of the Listserv and our sponsors for making IG GURU® happen.  We could not have done it without you.

Mission and Purpose

IG GURU®‘s mission is to provide industry news and host a community for IG professionals around the world.


Contact igguru@pm.me for press releases, sponsorship information, or general questions.