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Chinese hacker group APT5 targets Fortinet and Pulse Secure VPN servers...

Researchers have discovered that a Chinese state-sponsored hacker group known as APT5 is targeting Fortinet and Pulse Secure enterprise VPN servers.

Google And NASA Are ‘Leaking Data’ Via Misconfigured Jira Servers reported...

"I have discovered several such misconfigured JIRA accounts in hundreds of companies. Some of the companies were from Alexa and Fortune top list including big giants like NASA, Google, Yahoo, etc and government sites." - Avinash Jain

Bad Actors are Impersonating CEO’s via Axios

Axios has created a report that shows how bad actors may impersonate CEO's to threaten stock prices, send mixed messages, and possibly...

Pledges to Not Pay Ransomware Hit Reality

While risk analysts and security experts continue to urge companies to secure systems against ransomware, they are now also advising that firms be ready to pay.

RSA Conference 2019: What You Need to Know by Dan Lohrmann

The 2019 version of RSA Conference in San Francisco has come and gone. Here are some of the product and session highlights, major themes and excellent resources to dig deeper into myriad cybersecurity and technology topics.

Winning Tactics for Becoming a Certified Records Manager (CRM)

So you want to become a Certified Records Manager (CRM)? For those of us in Records and Information Management (RIM), becoming a Certified...