Norsk Hydro ransomware incident losses reach $40 million after one week

By Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day | March 26, 2019 — 21:43 GMT (14:43 PDT) | Topic: Security

A week after suffering a crippling ransomware infection, Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro estimates that total losses from the incident have already reached $40 million.

The company said most of this estimate consists of lost revenue, especially from its Extruded Solutions business division, the one most impacted by the ransomware attack.

In an update on its site today, Norsk Hydro said it almost fully recovered from the attack and that most operations are now running at normal capacity.


The only Norsk Hydro business division still impacted by last week’s ransomware attack is the aforementioned Extruded Solutions where production is at 70-80 percent.

Three of the divisions’ four business units are running normally –namely Extruded Solutions Europe, Extruded Solutions North America, and Precision Tubing.

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