The Decaying Fruit Of Shredding As A Stand Alone Service

by Steve Green, VP Sales at CSR

This is what the future of #shredding as a stand-alone service looks like.  Data Security is the future! One of the biggest kept secrets and something experts in the industry know is the amount of success the Record Information Management (RIM) industry has had in the shredding space. This can 100% be felt in the document destruction industry. This cannot be overlooked or denied. RIM companies, you know RIM, those companies who you store your physical records/documents with, have the ability to offer more services, more value and the only defense a pure shredding company has is to lower their prices, THAT IS IT! This is why so many shredding companies are transitioning to becoming data security companies. Stand-alone shredding companies are doomed!

They will continue to see their pool of customers dwindle down, their margins will erode, paper will only continue to decline in office use and rebates on the commodity of paper are uncertain. Pure shredding companies may keep their head in the sand, but this avalanche has already started, and it is not going to slow down.

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  1. Knife? The way the article reads, it looks like a fork is needed because they appear to be done. Kind of makes sense though.

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