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Read this before your next employee hits the ‘record’ button on...

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Hacker breaches security firm in act of revenge via ZDNet

Hacker claims to have stolen more than 8,200 databases from a security firm's data leak monitoring service via ZDNet

This new ransomware is targeting companies across Europe and the US...

Cyber criminals using a new form of ransomware are going after healthcare and technology companies across Europe, the US and Canada in what researchers describe as 'carefully chosen' attacks.

Maybe shadow IT isn’t so bad after all, study suggests via...

IT leaders agree shadow IT serves as a force of innovation and productivity. End-users simply need more guidance and support.

Norsk Hydro ransomware incident losses reach $40 million after one week

Norsk Hydro up and running with the exception of one business unit where "operations remain almost at a standstill."

Critical flaws revealed to affect most Intel chips since 1995

Most Intel processors and some ARM chips are confirmed to be vulnerable, putting billions of devices at risk of attacks. One of the security researchers said the bugs are "going to haunt us for years."