A Review: Hacked Again

Hacked AgainHacked Again by Scott N. Schober
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What I like about this book so much is it is easy to read. The author is writing to the small business community and gives them 1) real stories on what a hack looks like and the steps to go through it (also what not to do!) 2) tips on how to reduce the likelihood of being hacked 3) the importance of strong passwords 4) if an IT person is talking techie, and you don’t understand, ask them to break down what they are saying (using analogies works wonders), and 5) explanations on what went wrong in the Target, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, and other hacks.

The best quote from the book in my opinion is:
“Many people ask me if I think we will ever beat the cyberhackers. With confidence, I can say that it is not about winning or losing as much as it is about not giving up.”

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