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Leadership Through Data is a training and education provider for the fields of Information Management and Governance, Microsoft 365, Data Privacy & Protection, GDPR, Data Ethics, and Soft Skills.

Available to book online, their courses are led by an instructor and conducted in small groups (max 10 students per course) to allow lots of time for questions and thorough understanding.

Their courses can also be offered as private and tailored in-house training for 6 or more people – a cost-efficient option. They are also able to offer consultancy services – particularly useful for companies who are looking to, or who have recently integrated Microsoft 365.

Growing in popularity, their FREE webinars are an important source for Information Managers and Data Privacy professionals, particularly their Microsoft 365 Quarterly ‘Ketchups’.

With offices in The United Kingdom, The United States, and Australia they provide training and consultancy services across the globe.



This video explains the changes, new features and opportunities presented by Microsoft’s New Teams and Teams Premium.

This video covers:

  • What’s new about New Teams
  • What is Teams Premium
  • Teams Information Protection, Governance and Compliance improvements for ‘New Teams’ and ‘Teams Premium’.

This webinar is suitable for all users of Microsoft Teams, especially those with an interest in Information Governance.

Learn how to design an approval workflow in Microsoft 365 Power Automate using three different methods.

What’s in this video?

  • An intro to Microsoft 365 Power Automate Approval Flows
  • Three different methods of approval flow design and what situations they are suitable for
  • The syntax and steps required that you can re-use for your approval flows

The content within this video would be suitable for experienced SharePoint site owners, however you don’t need to have previous experience of approval flows.

In this video industry professionals (and Leadership Through Data course trainers) Frank Rankin and Jason King discuss:

  • What the components of an IG programme could be
  • The relationship of IG to data protection and information security, and whether IG is a still useful label and framework for this area of work

Join Microsoft MVP, Sara Fennah, for an introduction to the Microsoft Employee Experience Platform that is Microsoft Viva with a focus on why businesses need to embrace this new technology genre whatever their stage of digital transformation and what benefits these tools offer.

This webinar is suited for decision makers, HR, communications and IT staff looking for an introduction to Microsoft Viva.

In this video Suzanna Mai will teach you how to take control of your content within SharePoint.

This webinar specifically focuses on how you can effectively and consistently store and organise your content in a document library which includes creating custom metadata to sort, group, and filter documents and improve the search experience. It also covers the creation of custom lists as it’s not always about documents. Sometimes you need to store lists of information you would typically store in Excel.

This webinar is a great intro to our SharePoint Fundamentals training course, which aims at building your understanding through hands-on experience of SharePoint and how it works.

The content gives an overview of Records Management as well as answering:

  • What is a Record?
  • What is Records Management?
  • What are the benefits of Records Management?
  • What is an Information Lifecycle?
  • Digitisation
  • What to do about physical records management?
  • Information assets
  • Classification, Retention Policies & Metadata​
  • Records Management Strategy​
  • Policies & Procedures​
  • Information Asset Register​
  • Enhancing the profile of Records Management​

Leadership Through Data provide practical based information management and governance training, as well as consultancy and advisory services which help guide organisations and companies to compliance.


Microsoft 365 SharePoint Records Management

Designed by Records Managers for Records Managers @Leadershiptd ‘Microsoft 365 SharePoint Records Management’ training course is available to book now via their website.

Microsoft 365 Information Privacy & Protection

Here’s an opportunity for you to level up on your #Microsoft365 information privacy & protection knowledge. This course from @Leadershiptd is for anyone who works in #informationmanagement & #privacy or those who have responsibility for Microsoft 365 within their organisations.

Microsoft 365 Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is described as a way of structuring your information (files and data) through classification and relationships, so that it is easy to access, searchable, and discoverable by your user community, whilst conforming to the governance and information management strategies required by your organisation.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Fundamentals

We recommend this course from @Leadershiptd if you or your colleagues have little to no existing knowledge of working with SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 Teams Information Governance & Protection

Wherever you are on your #Microsoft365 Teams journey, it is important to always be on top of your information governance within it – and this course from @Leadershiptd is the perfect thing to help.

Microsoft Syntex

This new training course from @Leadershiptd and hosted by Microsoft MVP, @JoanneCKlein, is designed to demonstrate where Microsoft Syntex may be leveraged in your organization’s Microsoft 365 environment.