CIGO Association to Hold Hybrid 1st Annual IG Leadership Summit

The Certified Information Governance Officers Association (CIGOA) will hold its 1st annual IG Leadership Summit in San Diego March 24 & 25 at the Horton Grand Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter, and also online. It is the first hybrid event to be held in the IG space.   

The event will consist of two 1-day workshops, the first on Change Management, led by Matt D. M. Watson, PhD, author of Nudge Change Management, and the second on IG Program Management by Robert Smallwood, MBA, CIGO, IGP, CIP, author of Information Governance, using a case study approach, where teams will develop and present an IG program plan at the end of the day.

The IG Leadership Summit will be held in-person in San Diego, and also live, online for virtual participants. Each attendee will earn a certificate of completion for each workshop, which are worth 7 hours of continuing education units each.

The agenda and more information may be found here: and the option to attend virtually is here.

More info:

Change Management has been cited by IG pros as key to successful IG programs. The CIGO Association Information Governance Leadership Summit will bring together IG leaders from around the world for a deep dive into Change Management methodologies, strategies and Best Practices. On Day 1, we’ll hold a full-day workshop led by Matt D.M. Watson will conclude with attendees developing a basic Change Management plan for their organization. Topics include:

– Failures In Change Management 

– Change Models: Lewin, Kotter, ADKAR

– Using Nudges for Change

– Ethical Nudging

– Forming Your Change Team

– Change Road Map

– Change Communications

On Day 2, Robert Smallwood, CIGO Association Chair, will lead an IG Program Management workshop based on case studies from Colonial Pipeline, Solar Winds, and more. Networking with elite IG professionals is built in to this Leadership Summit. beyond breaks and group lunches, we’ll host a reception at a rooftop bar, overlooking the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, then head out for a group dinner. 

Join us at the Horton Grand Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego for the first annual IG Leadership Summit hosted by the CIGO Association, a group of accomplished, world-class professionals. Hotel info is available upon registration. There are only a few rooms at the Horton but we have a room block at the Westin.  

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Robert Smallwood

Managing Director

Institute for IG

Author of the leading text on IG

Information Governance

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