The Women of IG – MER Conference 2022

As a profession, Information Governance is finally receiving the resources it deserves. But for women that have been in the industry for a while, is there a risk of being left behind while IG moves on and up?

At the MER Conference, we will:  Examine how women can ensure positions of leadership feature our industry’s best, brightest, and most respected women thought-leaders experience how all women can help move the world of IG forward through these challenging times.

Embracing Your Inner Captain: Women in IG Boldly Venturing into the Executive Ranks 
Natausha Cruz Wilson, Esq. (Qualcomm)

Mission Possible with IG: Create Shifting Culture through Governance and Collaboration  
Angela Watt (AWatt Consulting)

Gardening Modern Collaboration Platforms 
Donda Young  (Legal RM)
Ann Snyder (IG Standard LLC)
Angela Watt (AWatt Consulting)
Susan Gleason (Shipman & Goodwin LLP)

Rethinking RIM for Data Minimization, Are you Ready?
Priya Keshav (Meru Data)

Mind the Gap: Information Governance and Accountability in AI Systems  
Julia Brickell, Esq. (Julia Brickell, Esq.)
Bruce Hedin, PhD (Hedin B)

Cacophonies of Collaborative Chaos: Managing Non-traditional Forms of ESI Stemming from Video Conferencing and Third-Party Collaboration Platforms
Tara Emory, Esq. (Innovative Driven)


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MER CONFERENCEBringing the best IG professionals together.  
Delivering insight into today’s issues.  
Be prepared to get inspired and leave with renewed confidence.
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