IG Maturity Index Report 2020 from ARMA International

We’re very excited to have launched our new research report: IG Maturity Index Report–2020. This is the first time that we’ve truly seen that a majority of organizations are enacting Information Governance – so it adds an extra positive dimension to the work. It’s also ARMA’s first independent research report in over 5 years, so a huge milestone for us internally as well.

The landing page for the report is https://www.arma.org/ig-report
The press release is at https://www.arma.org/news/493416/Largest-Survey-of-IG-Pros-Shows-New-Finding-A-Majority-of-Organizations-are-Establishing-IG.htm

Nick Inglis

Executive Director, Content & Programming

ARMA International

SOURCEARMA International
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