Tips of the Month from the Privacy Professor!

by Rebecca Herold

Balancing the Good with the Bad  

Each month, I try to point out security and privacy “wins” alongside the “fails.” After all, if you look hard enough, you can find great examples of people, organizations and businesses going above and beyond to secure and protect sensitive data.

That said, there are just so many mistakes and missteps, the Tips messages is rarely as balanced between good and bad as I’d like.
This month, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to renew my commitment to rounding up a few more practices to LOVE. In fact, it’s how I’m kicking off the first issue of the year… see “Look Here! Great Examples of Strong Protection” below. 

As you read, I hope you find inspiration for how to incorporate similar strategies in your corner of the world.

Look Here! Great Examples of Strong Protection
Google Fined $57 Million in France
What You Need to Know about the ‘Breach of Breaches’
Fortnite Gamers’ Accounts, Money & Conversations Exposed in Hack
Before Sharing Your Health Story with Walgreens
Who’s Looking Out for Student Privacy?
Where to Find the Privacy Professor

Read the full February report here

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