ARMA Updates IGP Recertification Requirements for 2019

UPDATE: Changes in Recertification Requirements
Effective January 1, 2019
The IGP Governance Board has recently voted to update the IGP recertification program in order to align the program with ARMA’s evolution in information governance.
Credit Submission Process Changes: Starting January 1, 2019
• The program is moving to an “honor” system.
Proof of attendance, supporting documentation, description of content, etc., will not be required at time of submission, but could still be uploaded to support an audit.
• 10 % of candidates for recertification will be randomly audited at the end of the three-year cycle.
• If selected for an audit, you must show all required supporting documentation for all credits. Keep this information throughout your three-year cycle, either in YM or on your own.
• If you cannot provide sufficient proof of content and/or attendance as part of an audit, you will not receive credits – and it could result in decertification.
• The 120-day deadline for submission has been eliminated. Your date of credit activity must only fall within the three-year cycle.
• There are new credit categories and minimum requirements. The same number of total credits is required – 60 – but the breakdown has changed (see below).

2018 Expirations
Those whose certification is set to expire in December 2018 will be processed per the existing program guidelines. There will be no audit of the 2018 class, and all must meet the credit requirements per the existing handbook to be eligible for recertification this cycle.
Upon recertification, those individuals will be entered into the new program going forward for their next three-year cycle, which will be set to expire in December 2021.
Transition Process for 2019 Expirations
• Immediate removal of 120-day submission deadline.
• Those who have reached their required credits will be grandfathered in for recertification.
• Those who have earned 0 continuing credits will be automatically entered into the new requirements process.
• Those who have earned some, but not all, of their credits will be switched to the new recertification process and will be able to request certification staff to audit their current credits to reclassify them into the new categories.
Transition for 2020 Expirations
Those who expire in 2020 will automatically be switched to the new program guidelines. Any credits already earned will need to be reclassified in your YM journals to match the new credit categories. Please ask certification staff for assistance if needed.
New Credit Breakdown:
• 60 contact hours in a three-year cycle; minimums required for some categories
• 15 hours Information Management (replaces General; minimum number)
• 4 hours Legal (current category; changed minimum number of credits)
• 4 hours Technology (replaces IT; changed minimum number of credits)
• 4 hours Business (new – minimum)
• 4 hours Information Security (new – minimum)
• 4 hours Privacy (new – minimum)
• 4 hours Risk Management (new – minimum)
• 2 hours Ethics (new – minimum)
Note: 19 hours are electives selected by the IGP and can fall in any of the above categories.
Activities That Earn Credit
• Educational events/webinars
• ARMA learning management courses/ webinars
• Conference sessions
• Writing for the IGP exam
• Standards writing
• Presentations (3:1 ratio)
• Publication of articles/books (3 hours/page)
• College or university courses


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