IG GURU partners with the Institute of Information Management in Africa

IIM and IG GURU have agreed to partner and promote their organizations across the globe.

Andrew Ysasi, the President of IG GURU, had this to say about the partnership, “IG GURUis committed to connecting practitioners and educators across the globe.  Partnering with IIM provides us the opportunity to share and learn from practitioners and educators across the African continent.”

IG GURU will provide ICRM certification training to the members of IIM in records management and information governance annually.  “I’m happy the ICRM agreed to help educate members of the IIM, and I’m grateful for Access – Information Protected for sponsoring the training.”

Training on the Certified Record Analyst (CRA) and Certified Record Manager (CRM) credential will be conducted in 2019.  In return, IIM will promote IG GURU to its site to help them build their community of practitioners.  Further, IIM will use IG GURU’s platform to keep the world updated on their accomplishments and news throughout their regions.

President/Chairman-GC, Institute of Information Management (IIM) Africa, Amb. (Dr) Oyedokun Oyewole.  “…we do hope to have you all participate actively in our drive to further promote the frontiers of Information Management across the globe, for the benefit of humanity and the professions in ensuring transparency and accountability which will ultimately pave the way for a better society where issues around unemployment, insecurity, poor governance, poor planning, poor decision making, and unnecessary wastage of resources will be a thing of the past, with effective information management in place in both public and private organizations globally.”

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