CSDS® Exams Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Though the CSDS® exam itself isn’t any easier this year, taking it now is. The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved a program wherein existing Certified Secure Destruction Specialists® (CSDSs) will be able to proctor the examination process.

“Before the new exam protocol, the CSDS test was offered only during the annual conference or by traveling to the association’s headquarters in Phoenix,” says i-SIGMA’s Director of Certification Operations Katie Mahoney. “The Remote Proctor Program means we can arrange for a nearby colleague to oversee the exam any time of year.”

Specific criteria must be met to ensure the integrity of the exam. NAID must approve the proctor, and there can be no apparent conflict of interest. The proctor is also required to agree to specific terms and conditions to further ensure the process is honest and transparent. Proctors are awarded Continuing Education Points for volunteering.

Those interested in training for the CSDS exam or scheduling one with a local proctor should contact accreditation@isigmaonline.org.

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