Accredited Webinar – Developing Retention Schedules on a Shoestring

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February 12, 2019 1p-2p EDT

Every organization has records, and every organization has legal duties associated with them.  But not every organization has the kind of budget needed to hire a consulting firm or law firm for a full-blown records retention project.  Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible for smaller firms to take advantage of some of the best thinking on the subject by using retention scheduling software tools.  These tools allow the quick and efficient gathering and organization of the needed information, accurate mapping of it to legal requirements, and generating meaningful rules that can be immediately implemented.  Lawyers will find this a very timely topic.  Legal software tools are an increasing adjunct of legal practice, making a lawyer’s work both more efficient and more effective, and are certain to be an important part of 21st century law practice.

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