A Review: Infonomics

Infonomics, by Douglas B. Laney at Gartner, Inc. is a book on how to monetize, manager, and measure information as an asset for competitive advantage.  Simply put, using your data to get ahead. Infonomics is a necessary read for anyone who creates or captures information in his or her business.  Now that we have ruled out 99.999999% of the population who would not benefit from this book, let us break down the highlights:

Mr. Laney goes beyond the basics of why information is valuable.  He provides specific examples of how organizations have used the information to gain a competitive edge.  Walmart, Verizon, and Sprint are a few organizations mentioned in the book who have learned how to productize information.  Monetizing information is not for everyone. Laney goes on to say that organization will not be able to monetize information assets because of deficient infrastructure.   If you are looking for answers, he provides the “Seven Steps to Monetizing your Information Assets,” and goes on to explain how to report your information assets on your balance sheets, and provides formulas.  If you are a business leader, CIO, or marketing executive looking for a seat at the table, Laney just handed you the key to the boardroom.  Order your copy here.

Andrew Ysasi, MS, CRM, FIP, CIPM, CIPP, CISM, PMP, IGP is the Vice President of Kent Record Management® and President of IG Guru™, a news organization to ensure relevant IG news is shared with the IG community.   He has volunteered with ARMA, the ICRM, worked as an adjunct professor and founded a career consulting practice – Admovio®. Andrew has spoken across the United States and contributed to ARMA’s Information Governance Body of Knowledge (IGBOK) and Record Management Core Competencies 2nd ed.


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