Tech Support Scammers Used Victims’ Webcams To Secretly Record ‘Testimonials’ For YouTube

Posted by msmash – June 4, 2018

A team of scammers sneakily filmed dozens of Australians by remotely accessing their webcams, then uploaded those videos onto YouTube, according to Australian news outlet ABC. From a report:The victims were reportedly lured in through a false tech support operation. One victim, Geoff Sussman, told ABC he looked online for a service that could help him download Adobe software. He says he was duped by a fake Adobe support page claiming to provide “Support for Adobe Australia,” and called a 1-800 number on the site. The number led him to an operation called Macpatchers, which told him he had a virus and asked him to download software to give them remote access to his computer. This is a common scam technique, but Macpatchers seems to have taken it a step farther and asked him to read a script that appeared on the screen, claiming he was pleased with the service. Unbeknownst to him, Macpatchers were accessing his camera, and recorded the statement. The group then reportedly uploaded the video to YouTube along with the videos of 68 other victims — a chorus of fake testimonials recommending the service. A man who describes himself as a “scam-baiter” uncovered the operation and shared his finding with ABC. He told ABC that Macpatchers recommended he check out their reviews.



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