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The Tape Storage market in 2022

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45TB LTO-9 tape media and drives just debuted via The Register

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Decades of history could be ‘erased from Australia’s memory’ as tape...

The National Archives of Australia holds some 130,000 hours of audio and video tape that still need to be rescued. "We have this incredible, vast expanse of recorded memory of Australia from the 20th century and all of it, now, is at risk — through technological obsolescence — of being lost altogether," National Archives director general David Fricker told 7.30.

How is tape backup doing in 2019?

Industry experts say tape isn't going away and the technology is actually improving. The problem, they say, is vendors aren't talking enough about this 'old-school' backup method.

2019 Storage Technology Showcase – Dallas

The 2019 Storage Technology Showcase which will be held in Dallas, Texas from March 12 - 15, 2019 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. Major...

3 Reasons why tape should be included in your DR strategies

Repost - I wrote this article on LinkedIn and it got picked up by IDM. Friday, March 18, 2016 - 10:45 By Andrew Ysasi I frequently hear...