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In-house and Outsourced Archives Digitization

Digitization can be performed either in-house or outsourced. In-house implies that a department of the institution captures the images—supplying hardware and software, trained personnel,...

Values to Consider During Selection for Digitization

Selection practice in most archives is aimed at meeting the current needs of user communities. Criteria developed by archives to select items for digitization...

Metadata for Archival Collections: Challenges and Opportunities

Metadata is one of the significant costs of digitization. Although archival items can be digitized without cataloging, a digital collection cannot be created and...

Image Description Practices for Digital Archives Projects

Formal standards, such as Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS), Graphic Materials, and Rules for Archival Description (RAD), have been developed over time for...

Metadata Best Practices

Metadata is structured data about data, information that facilitates the management and use of other information. The function of metadata is to provide your...

The Current State of Description for Archives

In July 1945, Atlantic Monthly published “As We May Think,” by army scientist Vannevar Bush, an essay that had an immense influence on the...