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Email Retention Policies Could Change in Spokane County via Government Technology

Officials in Spokane County, Wash., are considering changes to email retention policies as a means of saving money on storage costs. The county pays about $52,000 a year to save well over 10 terabytes of emails.

FTC Seeks Comment on Cloud Industry in Sign of Greater Scrutiny...

Check out the article here.

Your Memories. Their Cloud. via the New Times

Check out the article here.

Explaining “as-a-service” using Pizza via 4PSA

Check out this clever post and diagram explaining "as-a-service" with Pizza.

New Health Apps Section on HHS.gov/HIPAA via OCR Listserv

On September 2nd, 2020, the OCR launched a new feature on HHS.gov, titled Health Apps.  This new webpage takes the place of OCR’s previous Health...

The Master CompTIA Training Bundle – Lifetime Access only $49.99

Become a Certified CompTIA Professional & Solve Basic to Expert-Level IT Issues with 200+ Hours of Video-Led Training

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Tech: Free Resources for IT Pros via CompTIA

Kind of CompTIA to offer free resources for IT Pro's or those who want to learn more about Network Troubleshooting, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity. Check...

5 Things To Know As You Prepare For A Compliance Audit

From Reciprocity Labs For many cloud service providers out there, compliance audit is very important, yet extremely painful like a root canal. Sadly, compliance audit can be...

Cloud Danger

February 25, 2019 There is much talk, hype, promise and motion around companies moving into the cloud. From pulling email servers and databases from the...

Microsoft is ready for a world beyond Windows

Cloud and AI are Microsoft’s future bets By Tom Warren@tomwarren  Mar 30, 2018, 8:26am EDT ”We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows, to loving...

Dropbox Is More Than a DAM

By Ramon Forster | Mar 8, 2018 Ask anyone in the DAM industry if Dropbox is a DAM and the answer will be a firm "no." But does...