Webinar: Stop Beating Yourself Up!  And Move Toward Achieving Authenticity via the Mid-Michigan ARMA on 12/19 at 12pm Eastern

This time of year can be stressful and challenging, so we’re bringing you something a little different with this month’s program.

There are times during our careers that we beat ourselves up and doubt our abilities more than our supervisors and peers would ever do.  This negative attitude will reflect on your work when you try to solve problems.  The negative self-talk and a feeling of being out of control with your tasks can make your career implode.  It is time to take control of these negative self-talk discussions and develop better skills to manage your overstretched life and move your career forward.  Beverly Kracher and Connie Determan’s session will show us how to recognize and stop negative behaviors that keep us from reaching our full potential.

Monday December 19th

12pm-1pm EST

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Register Here by December 16th

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