2022 ICRM Virtual/In-Person Exam Prep Workshop Series

The Institute reached 235 ICRM candidates and prospects with its 2021 Virtual Exam Prep Workshops! It will be hosting ICRM-led VIRTUAL exam prep workshops as well as a few select IN-PERSON Series in 2022.  Exam prep activities will be hosted as a series of 4-hour, half day workshops for CRA, CRM, and Part 6 Practice Business Case.  In addition, there will be two presentations offered a la carte to the end of the CRM Half Day Workshop for the Post Certification Specialty Designations for Nuclear Specialist and CRM/Federal Specialist.  Each half day is offered for $129 per person and each of the one-hour specialty presentations is offered at a rate of $50 per person.  

The ICRM continues to consider in-person exam prep workshops through collaborations with partners with the same half day format and pricing; however, the virtual process will be standard as it has allowed the Institute to reach more of its candidates without the additional expense related to travel.

As specific dates are confirmed for each series of workshops, they will be updated on the Exam Prep Programs page of the ICRM website: https://www.icrm.org/CRA-CRM-workshops.  In addition, all newly qualified candidates will receive notice of upcoming exam prep activities with their letters.  As of the date of this letter, exam prep workshops have been confirmed for the following dates occurring in Q1 and Q2 of 2022; Mark Your Calendar, full details will be advertised soon!

  • ICRM-led VIRTUAL exam prep workshop series – February 9-11, 2022
  • ICRM-led VIRTUAL exam prep workshop series in partnership with the Digital Government Institute (DGI) – March 14-16, 2022
  • ICRM-led VIRTUAL exam prep workshop series in partnership with the Detroit Chapter of ARMA – April 13-15, 2022
  • ICRM-led IN-PERSON exam prep workshop series in partnership with the MER Conference – May 12-13, 2022
    • Registration link coming soon!

ICRM exam prep activities are managed by the ICRM Strategic Alliance Committee (SAC); therefore, many of the exam prep workshops will be hosted in conjunction with existing partners.

If you have questions about your exam prep needs or related workshops, please contact me at rhaliday4572@gmail.com or by phone at (314) 799-5132.

Thank you,
Rae Lynn Haliday, MBA, CRM
Chair, ICRM Strategic Alliance Committee (SAC)
Facebook – Twitter –LinkedIn

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