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Nick Inglis

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October 7, 2021

Industry Veteran, Nick Inglis’ newest venture is to focus on lobbying efforts to continue the growth of the information governance profession.

(Providence, RI; October 7, 2021) announces the launch of lobbying services on behalf of the information governance profession. The ongoing development of the profession is being led by industry veteran, Nick Inglis, who previously led the Information Coalition and Information Governance Conference (with previous leadership roles at both AIIM International and ARMA International).

“As a growing profession, it is time that we begin advocating for ourselves more fully.” said Nick Inglis, “We’re thrilled to be picking up this banner on behalf of our profession. We’ve partnered with a Washington, DC lobbying firm to launch this new service, so we’re bringing a mature lobbying framework to a new active lobbying area: Information Governance. It’s a very exciting time for our profession with hopes to gain further recognition.”

Information Governance was a term coined by Gartner analyst, Debra Logan, in 2010. Information Governance is an overarching information strategy and set of policies that support that strategy. Information Governance is an “umbrella discipline” that aligns information policies with corporate strategy and breaks down policy siloes (think about IT policy, Privacy policies, and Records Management policies, all brought together in a single organization-wide strategy, articulated in policy, across all information types, locations, and related disciplines).

The goals of the new lobbying effort include formalization, standardization, and new regulation related to Information Governance while advocating for information governance non-exclusionary language in existing Bills.’s Founder is not new to lobbying, Nick Inglis previously led state-wide lobbying efforts in Rhode Island on higher education (through Providence Student Union) that led to the passage of RI Promise, legislation that provides up to 2 years of tuition-free community college to every graduating high schooler in the state. is currently soliciting support from vendor organizations in the information space with a full range of benefits for those organizations.

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