Webinar: Analytics, AI and Records Management: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised via ARMA Dallas on May 10th at 12pm Central


Change sometimes comes charging in as on a big black dragon, breathing fire and alerting whole communities to its disruptive effect. Other times, it sneaks its way into our lives like a stray kitten who shows up at your door one day, gradually lets you scritch it and feed it, and later feels as if it’s always been there.

As information professionals, we are now experiencing both kinds of change, as analytics and artificial intelligence transform our jobs both overtly and invisibly. In this session, we’ll walk through the next-gen journey we’re on and talk about how “next-gen” in many ways already is “this gen” – even though we didn’t see it happen.

Topics we’ll cover include:

•             Metrics

•             Biometrics

•             Predictive Analytics

•             Machine Learning

•             AI

•             Blockchain

•             Web3

•             3D Documents

Come get prepared for what’s coming down the pike – and for what’s already here that you may not have noticed.

Speaker:  Steve Weissman

Steve Weissman helps you do information right by bringing order and discipline to your governance and process practices. Known as The Info Gov Guy™, he works with clients to better their ability to find, leverage, secure, and assure business-critical information – and to field more effective organizational change management programs (the “people” part of the puzzle).

With 25+ years in the information profession, Weissman is a multi-credentialed consultant, analyst, instructor, and public speaker. Principal Consultant at Holly Group, he is Co-Founder of the Information Coalition (now merged with ARMA), and has been honored as an AIIM Fellow and recipient of AIIM’s prestigious Award of Merit. He is best reached at steve@hollygroup.com / 617-383-4655 / @steveweissman.

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