Webinar: Building A Remote Worker Strategy via ARMA Columbus on November 19 at 1:00 pm Eastern

It’s been six months since the pandemic started and most people are still working remotely. The questions still abound regarding what the on-going pandemic holds for our businesses and our lives as we move into winter. How well have we adapted to the new normal?

Please join us for an online webinar as we look at how to overcome the challenges that working remotely presents. Mari Martin will be sharing ideas on how to build a successful remote worker strategy. Topics include: 

  • Building a strategy for a remote/mobile work force
  • Implementing the right tools to connect your work force
  • Securely access your data from anywhere – including from your mobile device.
  • Optimize business processes and mitigate risks
  • Enable collaboration with a workflow strategy
  • Empower remote workers

Presenter:Mari Martin, ECM Event Manager, Applied Imaging

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