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Microsoft SharePoint is a well-known and widespread platform for team collaboration and business productivity that is used in organizations across the globe. There are over 200 million active users worldwide and 50% of businesses use SharePointin some form. Indeed, organizations of all sizes and types, and from every industry, have adopted it as an important part of their operations.

But managing content within SharePoint can be a challenge. The growing volume, velocity and variety of information that must be managed can quickly outstrip standard strategies without thoughtful tools to maximize retention policies and practices within the environment — especially in areas like records management, information governance and process automation. According to research from AIIM International, 75% of organizations who use SharePoint feel that the platform does not provide the tools needed to automate in these critical areas.

Integration of Versatile Retention and SharePoint gives organizations a platform for effective information governance that makes a difference in terms of performance, compliance and data security.

That’s where we come in. We’re well-known for SharePoint integration built into our electronic records management system, Versatile ERMS™; a system that organizes and stores electronic records and can even manage documents located in other repositories. We now offer that same ease of integration with Versatile Retention, the most robust records retention schedule solution available on the market.

Versatile Fuse

Versatile Retention provides a complete schedule management and research solution that gives your business total control over your retention schedule and easily integrates with SharePoint. But how? One way is by using Versatile Fuse, our easy-to-use tool that creates connections to SharePoint and other systems.

Versatile Fuse can send your approved retention schedule to SharePoint and automatically apply it to records in the database. This approach works well if you are already making use of SharePoint information management policies; simply take the retention policies that you’ve defined in Versatile Retention and use Versatile Fuse to push those information management policies into SharePoint at scheduled intervals. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of resources who know how to manipulate SharePoint, then a good approach is to use Versatile Enterprise™ along with Versatile ERMS to synchronize the metadata from SharePoint, and let Versatile manage all of the destruction date calculations and disposition workflow.

Integrated Information Governance in SharePoint

When it comes to information governance, successful process and policy is often more about what information you get rid of rather than how much information you retain. Information that is redundant, out-of-date or past its usefulness to the organization can quietly cost you; storing more information costs more than storing less, no matter how cheap the storage is. At the same time, “dark data” that is unseen and unmanaged can present a hidden yet pressing risk to the organization in terms of cyber-theft, legal discovery and regulatory compliance.

Moving Forward

The thoughtful combination and integration of Versatile Retention with SharePoint and other content and records repositories gives organizations a platform for effective information governance that makes a difference in terms of organizational performance, regulatory compliance and data security.

To watch a short video on Zasio’s Versatile Retention SaaS, click here!

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