Webinar: Creating A Defensible Disposition within your RIM Program

Keeping records past their expire date can put companies and employees alike at great risk, for both audits and litigation.

So, why are companies keeping legacy information they no longer need?

No matter if it’s stored in hardcopy or digital format, many organizations struggle to understand what information they have on hand, where it is located, or how to deal with it .

Learn how to resolve these problems in our one hour educational webcast Creating A Defensible Disposition within your RIM Program. Join two seasoned professionals as they walk through a systematic approach to analyzing and assessing records eligible for disposition.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Map existing data regardless of format
  • Develop methods to make risk-based assessments
  • Report advanced analytics to analyze existing data
  • Apply real-time retention and data management as a service
  • Institute gatekeepers for ongoing maintenance
  • Develop an intelligent retention schedule and file plan
  • Efficiently dispose of ROT


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