IG GURU gets a new logo!

Proud to announce we have a new logo!  We did not anticipate our site growing as quickly as it has, so we wanted to make sure that our logo was more descriptive of our site.  Further, the IG GURU name is now registered with the USPTO.

About our logo…

IG stands for Information Governance but a guru can have a number of meanings.  According to the dictionary, a guru is someone who teaches, has knowledge, or expertise.  For years, the records management community relied on the Listserv to provide us with gurus on various topics, countries, and backgrounds.  The Listserv also served as the digital grapevine for the RIM and IG community.

Like the Listserv, IG GURU is a place we go to learn about information governance, and thanks to our sponsors we don’t charge a fee to be a part of our community.

Our logo displays our vision of providing a community of intelligent and welcoming IG professionals who are willing to share and learn.

Get on the forum and learn, comment on an article, share something relevant to our community.

Got ideas on how to make our news, community, and site better?  Contact us at igguru@pm.net with your thoughts and suggestions.



President | IG GURU

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