Instagram to udpate their Terms and Data Policy effective July 14, 2018

Below is the message that was sent to Instagram users on 6/15/2018.

You may have seen a notification or an email a few weeks ago telling you about our upcoming changes to our Terms and Data Policy. Your Instagram experience isn’t changing, and you still own your photos and videos. We are giving you better ways to access your data and understand how it’s used.
We wanted to let you know that by continuing to use Instagram on or after July 14, 2018, you’re agreeing to these updates. Here is some information about the changes.
Updates to Our Terms and Data Policy
Instagram has been a part of Facebook since 2012, and we’re making some corporate changes. Going forward, our Terms will reflect that Facebook Inc. is responsible for Instagram. The Instagram app and the way we process data are not changing.
Our Terms are now more clear about the service we provide, and what we expect from every member of our community to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone. Here are some updates we want to make sure you know about:
  • We updated our intellectual property licenses, but your rights aren’t changing. You still own your photos and videos.
  • We updated how we use information to show activity on Instagram, so people can see when you’ve interacted with an ad the same way we do on a regular post.
We also have a new Data Policy that explains how data is collected, shared and used in the Facebook Products, including Instagram. The policy addresses newer features like stories, direct messaging, activity status and the creative tools in our cameras. We wanted to make sure you knew about this new information in the policy.
  • We receive different kinds of information from your device, like how you tap and scroll, which can help distinguish humans from bots and detect fraud.
  • We can use and share information for research, especially in ways that help us keep our community safe on Instagram, like to understand and prevent bullying and harassment.
  • The policy has more information about what we collect from your activity and our partners, how we connect information across the Facebook Companies and how we personalize your experience, including ads.
  • We provide ads without telling advertisers who you are. The policy has more information about what we do share with advertisers and partners. We never sell your data.
  • Because the policy also covers Facebook, it includes information about facial recognition. We don’t use facial recognition technology on Instagram. If we introduce it, we’ll let you know and give you a choice.
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