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Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong

The U.S. government claimed that turning American medical charts into electronic records would make health care better, safer, and cheaper. Ten years and $36 billion later, the system is an unholy mess: Inside a digital revolution gone wrong. A joint investigation by Fortune and Kaiser Health News.

Researchers Find ‘Dangerous Levels’ Of Sensitive Data For Sale On eBay

by Davey Winder on April 25th, 2019 via Forbes Sensitive data has been found on 42% of hard drives...

Corporate File Systems Tell A Different Security Story

May 25, 2018 Yaki Faitelson Co-Founder and CEO of Varonis, responsible for leading the management, strategic direction and execution of the company.  Yaki Faitelson , Forbes Councils According to the Identity Theft Resource...