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“We want to make sure that 2.0 makes it even easier for users to leverage and reference different work documents that NIST has in order to manage their risk."

E-Waste Is a Cybersecurity Problem, Too via IEEE Spectrum

Toxic chemicals can leach out of old devices—but so can sensitive data

The US government just launched a big push to fill cybersecurity...

Cybersecurity workers could get paid as much as the vice president.

Protonmail announces new VPN App for Linux

Check out the article here.


Nearly 8 billion usernames have leaked since June 2011

Everything You Need to Know About the New Executive Order on...

Check out the article here.

The Full Story of the Stunning RSA Hack Can Finally Be...

Check out the article here.

Infographic: Managing Cybersecurity Risk (Complimentary Copy) from ISACA

Organizations worldwide rely on ISACA® for cutting-edge enterprise solutions, training and certifications. As a trusted leader for more than 50 years, ISACA empowers enterprises with...

Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) report deserves more attention

Check out the report the commission made in March of 2020 and their website here.

Of C-Suite Importance: The CISO via Marsh

A great article by Magda Chelly on the importance of the CISO role.

Tesla and FBI prevented $1 million ransomware hack at Gigafactory Nevada...

Based on the complaint, it sounds like he went above and beyond, not just to help prevent the attack on Tesla, but also to help the FBI find out more about the group.

Microsoft Reveals New Innocent Ways Windows Users Can Get Hacked via...

The article discusses what new vulnerabilities exist and how to close the gaps.

Top Malware and Other Threats Tracked by Center for Information Security...

Check out their threat site here.

Researcher calls on CEO’s to have more Women in Cybersecurity Roles

Dr. Jan Buitron covers women in cyber roles and the ERA below. Article via LinkedIn

Infographic: Security Certification Progression Chart 2020 via Paul Jerimy Cyber...

A great infographic of 324 certifications for those who are considering a cyber security certification.