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Webinar: Data is Your Best Defense in a Downturn on...

In an uncertain global market like that which we are experiencing as a result of fallout from the Coronavirus and recent OPEC impasse, inexperienced or unnerved business and IT leaders tend to hunker down, tighten the belt, jettison the ballast, or worse, just stay the course. More experienced and steely leaders, on the other hand, take to heart the saying: “Don’t Waste a Crisis.” But how does one understand a crisis, and anticipate and take advantage of its ramifications? One word: Data. True, most crises are unique and remain unpredictable in many ways. They are times of great uncertainty. Certainty, or at least predictable activity, can be gleaned from the deterministic chain of responses, and capitalized upon. So while it may make sense to push the pause button on particular capital expenditures, investing in data and analytics in many cases should be accelerated not abated. Don’t miss this timely webinar in which Gies Adjunct Professor and Principal Data and Analytics Strategist with Caserta, Doug Laney, will share guidance and examples for business and IT leaders on how to leverage your (and other’s) data assets to buffet against, and even thrive, in challenging economic times.