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Work Ruined Email by the Atlantic

It’s not too late to fix it.

Bad Actors are Impersonating CEO’s via Axios

Axios has created a report that shows how bad actors may impersonate CEO's to threaten stock prices, send mixed messages, and possibly...

Pledges to Not Pay Ransomware Hit Reality

While risk analysts and security experts continue to urge companies to secure systems against ransomware, they are now also advising that firms be ready to pay.

Corporate Information Governance: Whose Job Is It Anyway? (Part I) via...

Legal operations professionals need to lead the conversation and get stakeholders to the table.

British Airways faces massive $230 Million GDPR fine for data breach

Multiple media outlets are reporting news of British Airways facing a massive fine fora data breach. Below are three sources regarding...

How to Create an Effective Cybersecurity Routine

by James Daily When it comes to your business security and company safety, there’s currently nothing more important than...