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Was E-Mail a Mistake? From the New Yorker

A narrative dive into pre and post e-mail in the workplace.

Work Ruined Email by the Atlantic

It’s not too late to fix it.

Email Attachments: To Click or Not to Click

By David Balaban If a PDF drops into your mailbox, will you click it? What about an image file received from an unknown sender? Is it dangerous to download and open...

Joint Statement on Conducting Public Business in Non-Government Email Accounts

The following statement was originally published and distributed in June 2015. In light of recent news stories regarding senior government officials use of personal...

Email Management Made Easy

by Vicki Pratt, CRM I have a walking buddy.  My friend and I share over 40 years of history together, so I know her quite...

How to Send an Email (in 1984)

BY RUDIE OBIAS MARCH 9, 2016 In 1984, not many people owned a personal computer. But the tech-savvy people who did—and also had a modem—were treated...