Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Sacramento Bee Leaks 19.5 Million California Voter Records, Promptly Compromised by Hackers

Last month, a local California newspaper left more than 19 million voter records exposed online. Gizmodo confirmed this week that the records were compromised...

“My Life Is Over”: Former Justice Department Prosecutor And Akin Gump Partner Pleads Guilty...

This unbelievable story culminated in a bizarre scene where Wertkin was arrested wearing a wig and fake mustache while trying to sell a sealed lawsuit for $310,000 to a Silicon Valley high-tech company.

Sometimes the Records Tell Different Stories

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

The U.S. Government Once Nuked a Bunch of File Cabinets

Operation Teapot’s “Project 35.5” tested record-keeping under extreme circumstances.

The Privacy Fight Is Dead In DC, And Not Even The Nunes Memo Is...

Despite Republican concerns that the FBI misused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to gain a warrant to monitor Carter Page, Congress renewed the act less than a month ago.

How a Gun Trace Works

The ATF reports that about 70 percent of its traces are successful. But that calculation includes traces where a gun dealer is identified, but is unable to provide the buyer’s name, usually because of incomplete records.