Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Hackers finding ways to exploit automotive software to overtake cars via Tech Republic

This news is not new news to those who attend hacker cons, but it is important for car makers and auto suppliers to take cyber security seriously.

Check out the article here or at the source.

ARMA International & NetGovern to Launch Definitive Benchmarking of Information Governance Programs via ARMA

Right before the conference ARMA announced a new benchmarking initiative for IG programs with NetGovern.

Read the announcement on ARMA or PRNewswire

Hacker education site – iR0nin – makes it easy for those interested in cyber security to get started

Check out if you are interested to learn more about and keep up with cyber security. The about page says the following:

“Let us be clear right at the beginning. iR0nin is not a movement, an organization, a group, a collective, etc…. It is the concept that if ONE person can make a difference on their own. Then let us help them do that! iR0nin does that by finding sites, blogs & presentations that will help individuals learn how to be a voice for the Hacking community.”

Thank you to whomever set this valuable resource up. The cyber community owes you a debt of gratitude.

Yahoo will delete all Yahoo Groups content on December 14th via The Verge


If you have content in Yahoo groups, you may want to save it. The article goes into details on how this news is not widely published and how functionality could be impacted before the deadline.

Story here.

US Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system via ARS Technica

For those who have read Edward Snowdan’s book, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The US government and likely other governments struggle to keep up with technology. Five years ago this story aired on 60-minutes. While the floppy drives are gone, the old IBM systems remain. Read more here.

ARMA Infocon 2019 starts and ends strong

ARMA Infocon2019 was action-packed from start to finish.  Below are some highlights and other noteworthy moments from the conference.

  1. Excellent keynotes
  2. Top-notch education sessions on the basics and advanced topics of IG such as monetizing data
  3. Plenty of networking opportunities
  4. A lot of new faces
  5. New FAI’s appointed (Fellows of ARMA International)
  6. A tremendous welcome party hosted by Vital Records Control (VRC)
  7. Puppies, golf, and great demos provided by the vendors
  8. The Houston ARMA chapter provided an after-party suite for continued networking every night of the conference – Thank You!
  9. There were plenty of IG stars, such as Dr. Mansur Hasib, Dr. Patricia Franks, John Montana, ESQ, Nick Inglis, Seth Williams, and many others who were accessible and enjoying the conference.

If you went to pre-conference events or the leadership workshop, you spent 5-6 nights at the conference.  Some attendees were able to arrive on Monday and leave Wednesday, so for those who are planning for next year it doesn’t have to be a significant expense to attend. 

Check out photos from the event on the ARMA website here.

ARMA International continues to go through much change, but despite the recent changes the staff was able to pull off a great conference.  See you all in Detroit for #Infocon2020!

The IG GURU team

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