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How to Recover Deleted Data in Oracle 11g  


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12/03/2019 6:35 am  

Oracle forms an important part of the application. It saves the data of all in DBF file and the database components are stored in the DBF file. Blocked Corruption is the common cause of DBF file repair. Thus, if the DBF file is corrupt or lost it means the database is in a blocked state. Oracle database recovery software can help to repair the database and recover files.

The software has rich user-interface and it makes it easy to use. You can repair the files and recover deleted database components by following steps if you have an Oracle Database Tool installed in the system.

  • Launch the recovery database tool 
  • Now, add the database files in software or search the Oracle files
  • The tool will scan the files and display the files preview
  • It will display the folders in left window and files in right pane. Browse through folders and files and select the files
  • Search the files or filter them as per date, type, item, size
  • Now repair the files and recover the data as per selection
  • Save the data files in new database or new folder in existing database

The files will be recovered and repaired. Try the database recovery software and move your files.