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How to Move Emails from Exchange to Office 365?  


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18/07/2019 5:55 am  

Exchange Server is one of the best application for email communication. A large number of organisations use Exchange to share files and managing accounts. But now most of them are moving to office 365, as it provides a cloud-based platform. So, it is good to use an Exchange Server Migration tool that can transfer the Exchange files to Office 365. 

Kernel Exchange to office 365 is one of the best tool available for mailbox transfer. It enables user to transfer the files without any problem. The available tool can transfer On-premise Exchange to Office 365 and Hosted Exchange Server to Office 365. 

It makes it easier for the user to transfer files without any loss. User can export shared folders, public folders, archive folders from Office 365 to another server. Hence, try the Exchange to Exchange migration tool and convert files for free.