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[Sticky] Welcome to the IGGuru Forum the new home of the RECMGMT-L listserv  


Peter Kurilecz
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14/09/2018 9:41 am  

Much like RECMGMT-L the IGGuru Forum is a place where records and information management professionals can share their knowledge with each other, learn about new events or to look for a new position or to seek a new employee.

Currently there 4 main fora they are;


This is where you can ask questions, inform us of new projects or almost anything. We can introduce sub-topics, but we will wait until we see what gets posted here to help us develop the sub-topics.


Here is where you’ll post information about chapter meetings, conferences and webinars. More information will be posted in the Events forum


Do you have a job you need to fill? Or are you looking for new employment, then this is the place for you. More information will be posted in the Jobs forum.


Where you can advertise your products. Do you have an RFP, then post it here.

So, what are the rules or etiquette?

Well like RECMGMT-L we are a community of professionals and we expect everyone to treat each other with respect. Here are the basics

  1. Don’t immediately reply to a posting until you’ve read other responses. Once you’ve done that go ahead and post especially if your post will add to the discussions. Just saying MeToo or Following don’t add value.
  2. Emojis are available so consider using one or more to provide expression to your posting 😀 
  3. Be polite, respectful and professional. Imagine that the individual is sitting across the table from you.
  4. Don’t post out of haste or anger, if you’re not sure about your post save it as word doc and wait 24 hours. It’s called the Dear Abby rule
  5. Use a signature block with your posting. As you look at the Members list you’ll see some interesting names. Who knew that WolfgangMozart had an interest in records or information governance. So please use a signature block. Here is the pattern that works best

    FirstName LastName
    email address
    geographical location
    John Jones
    Anycity, anystate/province

  6. Attachments are allowed. You’ll notice that when you go to make a posting you’ll see the little paperclip icon. So, you can post a job description, a RFP or whatever. The maximum size allowed is 10 MB. Just remember to use a good subject heading.
  7. Posting a topic is easy-peasy. Just click on the Add a Topic button. Always use a good subject line something that will grab the attention of members. If you’re asking a question let us know what research you’ve done. Don’t assume that everyone knows what you are posting about. Be patient, replies are not always instantaneous. Remember Fridays may not be the best day to post.
  8. Replying to a post is just as easy. Open a topic and click on the reply button at the bottom of the topic. And like Facebook you can just “Like” a topic by clicking on the “Like” button.
  9. RSS – you can also subscribe to a topic via RSS

Sharing – you can share a topic with your twitter feed or Google + just click on the Share icon

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27/05/2019 5:33 am  

Great post

Andrew Ysasi, MS
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20/08/2019 2:39 pm  

As of today, any posts in the General forum that are deemed spam or should be in the Marketplace will no longer be moved to the Marketplace, they will be deleted.

Andrew Ysasi, MS