The Principles...

The Principles...  


Earl Johnson Jr., CRM
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13/10/2018 10:12 pm  

Good evening,

Does anyone still use The Principles (Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles) as a yead stick for assessing/grading your RIM program? ARMA pushed this out a few years ago and it was all we talked about then, but seems to be on the back burner now. If you're using it, how are you scoring yourself? I found the tool that John Montana did but am not sure of its accuracy as it has some duplicate questions, which I think might skew the results.

I will be at the ARMA Conference and I think I saw a session covering it that I'd like to attend. Does anyone use a different tool to score your program?



Earl Johnson, Jr., CRM
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Peter Kurilecz
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18/10/2018 10:11 am  


as pointed out in a different thread The Principles is part of IG as well as part of an IG Maturity Model.
AHIMA used The Principles and the Maturity Model in developing their IG Principles for Healthcare

The Vermont Secretary of State which administers the statewide records management program cites The Principles as a foundational document as well as the Maturity Model for their IG program.

This company utilizes The Principles