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Interview with Holly McIntyre, Archivist at NASA Goddard and MLIS Program Alumnus  


Peter Kurilecz
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22/02/2019 10:11 pm  

When talking with Holly McIntyre, Archivist at NASA Goddard, you begin to wonder what her science background is - engineering? Physics? Maybe astrophysics? She knows so much about NASA’s current projects and history, but sheisn’t a scientist, she’s an archivist. In fact, she’s the first archivist in NASA Goddard’s history. Three years ago she was tasked with the monumental job of creating an archives at the NASA center in Greenbelt, Maryland, just miles from the University of Maryland where she had completed her Master of Library Science.

Holly explains, “There are 11 NASA centers including Goddard. Goddard does a lot of science and research. There are scientists well-versed in their fields of study; they dream up what needs to happen next in the field, what question