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Copying Large Volumes of Emails from Outlook to OpenText Content Server  


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27/06/2019 2:40 pm  

Hello - I am currently leading an email review project to clean up legacy accounts. We are also asking current staff leaving the organization to move any business records found in their email to our OpenText content server. In many cases there is a significant volume - 1000+ emails and attachments - that need to be saved. The staff who are still here have been organizing the content that needs to be saved in the shared repository into folders in Outlook. Has anyone found an efficient way of exporting a large number of emails or entire folders at once? We do not want to use .PST containers and are we aware that emails can be exported into a .CSV file. We are hoping to save the emails as .MSG files as we are a government agency and that is a format accepted by our provincial Archives. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

Andrew Ysasi, MS
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27/06/2019 3:58 pm  

Hi Amy!  Sounds like a big project.  Have you contacted OpenText to see if they have a tool? 

Are you required to keep the emails per your retention schedule or regulation?

Andrew Ysasi, MS