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Businees Objects (Decomissioning)  


Joanie Valdez, CRA, CIP, IGP
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13/01/2020 3:33 pm  

My company is decommissioning Business Objects.  There is some concern of it not being supported in the future.  We is critical sales information stored in it.  

What has been your experience migration / conversion to new systems.  I believe we will be using Tableu but no current plans to migrate the data.  Any suggestions of best practices for preservation of the data?

Joanie Valdez, CRA, CIP, IGP
Privacy and Records Management Senior Manager

Andrew Ysasi, MS
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07/02/2020 8:51 am  

Are you able to export that data into a generic format so it can be imported into something else or preserved?

Andrew Ysasi, MS