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Andrew Ysasi, MS
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05/11/2018 10:14 am  

Hello all, Time for our next blue team webcast. Over the past few months, we have discovered a couple trends that organizations seem to be missing. No silver bullets, just some general vulnerability issues we are seeing again and again. In this webcast, we wanted to give a few pointers and some new tools to help the blue team stay on top of these issues. This may be a series. Don't know yet. But there are more than enough simple strategy tips we can share to make the blue team far stronger in preparing for an attack or a pentest. Below are a few topics we will be covering. As you know, there is a good chance that more will be added: 1. Using Nmap to find the web services on your network. This is huge. Many people miss some basic portals that have default creds or realllly basic exploit vectors. 2. Inventory. We will be sharing a cool tool that Bill Stearns created that detects software by monitoring outbound traffic using Scapy. The output is a cool .csv file. Because all .csv files are awesome. 3. Patching and why this matters so much. I know this is an over addressed topic. But, we will be bringing up a few issues we have seen in some recent tests. 4. Hardening telnet and HTTP to SSH and TLS. And... more Nmap goodness. 5. Password policy, LLMNR and more belt-tightening you can do with group policy. The date and time is Thu, Nov 8, 2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MST You can register below: As always, thanks again for watching our webcasts. John Strand Black Hills Information Security p.s. Check out our new network threat hunting tool, AI-Hunter. The AI stands for Actual Intelligence.

Andrew Ysasi, MS
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