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DSF '19 Conference Program Announced (Priority Registration Ends 12/13!)  


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Truly one of the happiest places on earth for professionals 
responsible for creating and managing content, communications 
and strategies to support customer experiences.
Measuring the Success of Your Customer Communication Strategy
Time to Pay the Piper: Simplifying Your CCM Architecture
CASE STUDY (USAA) – Transforming the Communications Strategy: Changing the Tires While Flying at Mach-10
Standardize & Personalize Customer Communications for Millennials
CASE STUDY (Grange Insurance) – Take Control of Your Reusable Content: Using External Content to Deliver Efficiency and Speed to Market
CASE STUDY (Unum) – Put Your Business Architecture in Check
Building Your AI Arsenal
CASE STUDY (Wells Fargo) – How to Build Homogeneous Business Processes to Deliver Consistent Experiences
Content Analytics: Delivering Intelligent and Connected Customer 
CASE STUDY (CareCentrix) – How to Digitize Content in a 
Regulatory Fashion
CASE STUDY (Chubb) – Delivering a Digital Billing Experience: 
How to Build Self-Service Capabilities for Your Web Portal
Connecting the Digital Customer Experience
Blockchain for Document Life Cycle Management
CASE STUDY (WEC Energy Group) – What I Wish I Knew When I Became an Information Leader
TECH PANEL – The Future of ECM: Content Services vs. Document Management vs. Collaboration
PANEL – The Next Wave of Digitization: Building Information Management for the Digital Age
PANEL – Developing a Center of Excellence for Information Management Governance
ROUNDTABLE – Quick Wins for Information Life Cycle Management
MEGA SESSION – Fireside Chat with Microsoft: How Office 365 Is Changing Your Information Ecosystem
PANEL – Taking the Risk Out of Records Management
CASE STUDY (Northern Trust/FHLBC) – Change Management for Your Information Management Strategy: Tools Alone Won’t Bring You Automation
CASE STUDY (Allergan) – Mastering Enterprise Search on a Shoestring Budget
TECH PANEL – Not Your Father’s Capture Session: The Paperless Office Needs These Next-Gen Scanning Capabilities
PANEL – Machine Learning & Content Creation: Are We Really Turning Our Content Over to the Machines?
CASE STUDY (Farmers Insurance) – Executing the Information Governance Strategy for the Post-Cloud World
PANEL – The Case of Robots vs. People for Your Business Processes
TECH PANEL – Getting Robotic Process Automation Stood Up Right
PANEL – Going Agile: How to Manage Information & Collaboration with a Distributed Workforce
MEGA SESSION – Documents Are Dead
How Bad Is Your Survey, On a Scale From 1 to 10?
[Think] Like a Mind Reader
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Evaluating the Project Request
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Process Analysis & Improvement
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Governance
BFMA Body of Knowledge: User/Client Requirements & Business Rules
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Developing Solutions & How You Support Them
Forms as Compliance Controls
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Best Practices for Records Communications
The Evolution of Design Thinking
What Constitutes a Complete Intelligent Forms Platform, and Why Is That Important in Your Digital Transformation Journey?
BFMA Body of Knowledge: Selecting Content for Your Forms Management Intranet
Improving Customer Experience in Regulated Industries
CASE STUDY (National General)
My Mind Says Yes, But Your Forms Say NO
PANEL: Forms Technology
Real-Life AI Case Studies
Forms Management Database
eForms-Centric Business Process Management
Optimize Your Processes with Forms
If you have any questions regarding registering, exhibiting or 
sponsoring, please call toll-free 866.378.4991 or EMAIL US.

Andrew Ysasi, MS
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