The use of art to illustrate and visualize microbes and other medical images may be a new record or archival classification you hadn't considered. Link to blog post is here.
“About seven or eight years ago, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t support it anymore. And I couldn’t support it anymore because I knew that not only had I never seen one record in a production environment enter into a DOD-certified repository, I’ve never even seen any of those applications successfully deployed. So they’re empty.”
AI is Coming Fast, but You Can Still Get Ahead of it and Thrive! “The AI Revolution,” an ARMA InfoCon keynote, will tell you how to benefit from this revolutionary technology.
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According to Feed Spot, IG GURU ranks in the top 15 for news about the Dark Web. "I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list...
Andrew discusses with Robert Smallwood about certifications, job development, resumes, and leadership trends IG pros should be aware of. Listen to the podcast here.
Check out the article here by Andrew Ysasi at Vital Records Control
Tomorrow’s Jobs Today is written by Rafael Moscatel and his spouse Abby Moscatel.  Rafael is a well-respected Information Governance Professional (IGP), Certified Records Manager (CRM), and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).  Abby is a California trial attorney for State...
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Cyber criminals using a new form of ransomware are going after healthcare and technology companies across Europe, the US and Canada in what researchers describe as 'carefully chosen' attacks.
Athens Orthopedic Clinic PA ("Athens Orthopedic") has agreed to pay $1,500,000 to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and to adopt a corrective action plan to settle potential violations...
Anita Gail Moody pleaded guilty to stealing about $11 million from the bank she ran in Cooper by writing more than 100 bogus loans and then trying to cover-up the crime
The U.S. government claimed that turning American medical charts into electronic records would make health care better, safer, and cheaper. Ten years and $36 billion later, the system is an unholy mess: Inside a digital revolution gone wrong. A joint investigation by Fortune and Kaiser Health News.
Zerologon lets anyone with a network toehold obtain domain-controller password.
A. Vital Interest and massive personal data sharing With the scary spread of COVID-19, data protection is not typically everyone’s number-one concern, and rightly so. However, this is a good opportunity to discuss the role of data protection in epidemiology...
As the article states, NASA has hundreds of petabytes of data to store in the cloud, but a recent audit shows they forgot to explore all the costs.
Check out this link to view the infographic and learn more about Brazil's LGPD.
The week of infographics and guides! Check out the NIST CISA Cyber Essentials guide here.
Mayor was charged for forging oil and gas lease documents and is accused of forging signatures “on an agreed judgment and/or confidential settlement agreement according to the article.
Multiple media outlets are reporting news of British Airways facing a massive fine fora data breach. Below are three sources regarding the breach.
Worldpay, US, Inc. v. Haydon No. 17-cv-4179 (N.D. Ill. Nov. 14, 2018) In this trade secret misappropriation case, the court granted the plaintiff’s motion to compel discovery while denying its motion for sanctions. This case began when the plaintiff, Worldpay, fired Irina...
Records and Information Management Leader Further Strengthens Information Governance Solutions, Including Policy Control Software for Retention and Privacy
Barack Obama’s is dividing opinions, as others have before
Hacker claims to have stolen more than 8,200 databases from a security firm's data leak monitoring service via ZDNet