ICRM Salary Survey Report Now Available to Members

Hello to all of our Members and Candidates,

The ICRM Board and Marketing Committee are proud to release to you our 2022 Salary Survey Report.  As many of you may remember, we sent the original Salary Survey to over 1,100 Members, via SurveyMonkey, near the end of July last year, with 320 + responses. We would like to thank all of our members who participated in this Salary Survey.  For those of you that weren’t able to complete the Survey, you will have another chance to do so in the summer of 2023. 

The original Salary Survey was created by Committee member, Kiersten McAvoy, and edited and finalized by the full Committee.  Kiersten then cleaned up the response data, which was then reviewed and analyzed, and the result is the information in this Survey Report.  Next, we hired a Graphic Designer who created the graphics that help to capture and illustrate the Survey findings.  And now, the Salary Survey Report is ready for our Members and Candidates.

The ICRM views this Salary Survey Report as a value-add to our Members and Candidates, and hope the information will be helpful in providing salary information for the responding CRAs and CRMs.  This Report will only be made available to our Members, Candidates, and our Academic and Strategic Partners.  Reprints of this Report will require advanced permission from the ICRM.  This salary information has been broken down by 13 geographic regions, across more than 25 industries, 5 levels of education, separately by CRA and CRM, and then compared by the two.  We believe the information contained in this Salary Survey Report will provide a comprehensive and authoritative account of the CRAs and CRMs around the globe.  

Our goal is to provide a biennial Report, with a new Salary Survey being released every other summer, followed by the Report findings the following January.  This will help us track and analyze the value and worth of the ICRM credentials across time.  As you read through this Salary Survey Report, we hope you will appreciate the time of the Marketing Committee and ICRM Board that went into this publication.  And, as always, we appreciate and thank our Members and Candidates.

Thank you,
Jerry Lucente-Kirkpatrick, CRM, IGP
ICRM Regent of Marketing & Communications
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