Book Recommendation: Cybersecurity for Grandparents: Q3 2021 Edition: Credit Reports, Device Updates, and Social Media

In honor of Grandparents Day 2021, Privacy & Security Brainiacs created this 3-volume set of booklets to review with loved ones to help them better protect their personal data, devices, and privacy.

While some seniors are quite savvy when it comes to protecting their online security, others may not be as security or privacy savvy for all aspects of technology use.

This book contains information that can raise data security and privacy awareness for not only grandparents, but also members of all generations that came before, and after, them.

These books are available for free in digital format! NOTE: The hard copy book has extra information beyond the digital versions. The extras include: 1) a Glossary 2) a few additional information items and tips beyond the digital version, and 3) a Table of Contents. To read the digital format, visit

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